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Features Glossary
Activity Control Control Panel Parental Control
Anonymous Call Rejection 3-way Calling Pin Access
Call Forwarding Voice Mail Privacy Control
Busy call forwarding Free In Network Calling Reminder call
Delayed call forwarding *67-Caller ID Block Advanced Reminder Call
Selective Call Forwarding *69-Automatic Recall Speed Dial
Remote access to call forwarding Web Voicemail V-LIFE
Caller ID Line Identification V-Mail
Call Waiting with ID Online Billing V-Tool
Cancel Call Waiting Message Center VoIP- GPS

  Enhanced telephone message system
Caller ID
  See incoming caller number before you answer the call.
3-way calling
  Talk to two people in different locations at the same time.
Call Waiting with Caller ID
  Know who is calling you on the other line while you're on the phone.
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Control Panel
  Online access to V-TOOL, Billing, Web Voicemail and more.
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Call forwarding
  Forward your incoming calls to a different number.
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*69-Automatic Recall
  Get last missed caller number
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*67-Caller ID Block
  Block your number when making calls.
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Handset Feature Manager
  Manage your features conveniently from your Handset.
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VoIP- GPS (General Positioning System)
  Never miss a call again! VoIP-GPS is a service that allows you to set up options for directing incoming calls to multiple destinations either simultaneously or sequentially. For example you could set up an option that first directs incoming calls to your business phone, then tries your cell phone and finally your home phone before dropping back to voicemail. VoIP GPS would not be able to locate your physical address for example on a 911 emergency call and is completely different from GPS (Global positioning system) services.
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Online Billing
  Say goodbye to paper bills, writing checks, late fees, buying stamps and access your call details, account summary, and pay your bill online.
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  Empowers your Voicemail, by delivering your voice mails to your e-mail, and you can choose to share them with family and friends.
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Web Voicemail
  An online tool to access your Voicemail and control your settings.
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Line Identification
  Reads back the Telephone number for the line using this service.
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Remote access to call forwarding
  Allows you to change Call Forwarding settings from any location (not just from your phone).
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Privacy Control
  Privacy Control is a straightforward way of reporting nuisance calls to VoIP™. Immediately after you receive a nuisance call, the caller's number is recorded, even if they withheld their number.
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  On-line access to manage and change feature settings with a click of a button from anywhere.
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Message Center
  Access your Voicemail from any phone.
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Pin Access
  Your PIN is required to access some features through the handset, the PIN access service provides you with the ability to change your PIN.
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Parental Control
  Parental Control allows you to block up to ten unwanted numbers, that are rejected when they call you.
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Cancel Call Waiting
  Allows you to disable call waiting for the next outgoing call.
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Speed Dial
  With Speed Dial, you can set up short dialing codes for the phone numbers that you use most often.
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Reminder call
  Reminder Call allows you to set up a call to your phone at a specified time in the next 24 hours.
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Advanced Reminder Call
  Advanced Reminder Call allows you to set up a recurring call to your phone. You can choose whether this call recurs every day, every weekday or once a week on a specific day.
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Activity Control
  This service allows the subscriber to bar outgoing calls to certain types of calls from their line.
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Selective Call Forwarding
  This service allows you to enter up to ten numbers that are redirected or forwarded to another number when they call you.
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Delayed call forwarding
  Forwards your incoming calls to a different number if the call is not answered within a specified length of time or number of rings.
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Busy call forwarding
  Forwards your incoming calls to a different number when the dialed number is busy.
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Anonymous Call Rejection
  Unwanted calls can be a serious problem. Anonymous Call Rejection allows you to reject all calls where the caller withholds their number.
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  Residential and Small business plans. Your VoIP™ service is totally portable to any high speed internet and broadband connection, you can travel with your V-series adapter, and enjoy V-LIFE.