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VoIP™, Your Personal Phone Company expands and accelerates business IP telephony services.

Orlando, FL - VoIP™ is launching their substantial cost reduction on telecom costs, giving companies--from small businesses to large multinationals--and government agencies unprecedented choices, flexibility, and solutions to meet customers' VoIP™ networking convergence requirements.

VoIP™ is accelerating its commitment and timetable to provide its services across key areas for businesses.

"For businesses today, VoIP™ is a crucial means for communication for productivity, simplicity, and improved performance. Our expertise and ability to deploy leading VoIP™ equipment is key to our strategy in developing the VoIP™ services and applications that businesses want," said Al Altoum, CEO - VoIP Corporation. "By converging to a voice and data network, we will help businesses drastically reduce Telecom costs which is 1 of the 5 largest expenses in business".

Al Altoum, Chairman and CEO - VoIP Corporation. said, "The business enterprise represents a critical segment for the growth of VoIP™, as this emerging technology matures in terms of quality, availability and feature functionality. VoIP™'s expansion plans and approach further validate the growing market and momentum for VoIP™ services."

VoIP™'s new IP telephony service provides businesses end-to-end VoIP™ service across wide and local area networks (LANs). VoIP™ can help businesses design and implement a migration path from separate premises voice and data networks to a unified remotely managed platform and a gateway to future voice and data services. VoIP™ can manage customer equipment, such as call manager servers, voice gateways, voice email, IP phones and IP soft phones.

Responding to growing customer demand to enable their networks with VoIP™ service, VoIP™ also will expand the service options that enable businesses to run voice over their existing managed data networks and virtual private networks (VPNs), protecting their existing investments, infrastructure and business operations.

VoIP™ will serve as the foundation to deliver feature-rich applications that improve productivity and generate better returns on investment. VoIP™ will deliver IP Centrex, contact center, and tele-worker applications. VoIP™'s networking professionals today are already working with hundreds of clients designing and implementing the many stages of VoIP™ convergence.

About VoIP Corporation: VoIP Corporation is a Global leader in providing innovative IP telephony services for residential, small businesses, and a vast array of industries including corporate enterprises. VoIP Corporation maintains higher standards on customer care and introduces seamless solutions for next generation phone service. VoIP Corporation takes pride in reshaping the evolution of communication and reaching new heights focusing on versatility and affordability.