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VoIP™ launches global origination service

VoIP™ today announced the launch of global origination service, a new family of wholesale carrier services, designed for Telecom Carriers, VoIP ITSP's, CLEC's, IXC'S Enterprises and ISP's. This unprecedented service gives access to VoIP™'s global footprint of over 30 countries and covers inbound telephone calls and faxes. Customers can interconnect using SIP protocol and order local telephone numbers without owning any additional facilities. In addition, our customers can shift from a Capital Expenditure (CAPEX) business model to a more reasonable Operating Expense (OPEX) spending model. This has several advantages, but primarily it will eliminate the large one-time investment upfront. In today s communication world, it s about protecting revenue and reputation. Engineered to excellence, VoIP™'s global origination service is designed to deliver unmatched QOS and scalability.

Saul Toum, general manager of VoIP™ carrier services, said: " The new global origination service is undoubtedly a competitive advantage to be considered by any carrier that needs to improve productivity and efficiency. VoIP™ is now capable of offering a complete telecom services portfolio including voice and fax telephony, all in one unified product."

The VoIP™ global SIP peer product is only available to wholesale customers globally.

About VoIP Corporation

VoIP Corporation is a world-class communication company, owns and operates one of the largest IP networks in the world, providing global origination and a vast array of carrier services. ISP's, Cable Operators, CLEC's, Enterprises and Internet Telephony Service Providers (ITSP's) of all sizes can leverage from our global presence and service reliability.