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FOR RELEASE June 14, 2010

VoIP™ delivers CNAM (Caller ID Name) to service providers to enhance service delivery and solve the SS7 CNAM issue.

Orlando, Florida, June 14, 2010 - The database content of Caller ID with Name is a function of attaching a company or residents name to the caller ID. This data is stored in databases that are put onto a global communications network called the SS7 network. This network carries the call information, and the messages between phone switches and processes queries such as Caller ID with Name.

The issue is that certain major providers would not permit the uploading of end user data in most cases, resulting in an unpleasant end user experience. There are about 8 major SS7 providers in the US, and probably 25-30 regional SS7 networks. VoIP™ connects to a major SS7 network. Also, VoIP™ has gained permission from certain underlying carriers, comprising of a footprint including 7000 rate centers, to permit the storage of end user data in the largest CNAM storage database in the industry. Another issue faced by service providers is that certain providers are not querying the dataset that is posted on the SS7 Network. Carriers advise that providers have slowly instituted a policy change, but they are not going to query non-LEC databases to obtain the Caller ID Name, moreover resulting in a "not available" display of the calling party name to the called party, and since CNAM is a non-regulated feature, there's no way to force hand. VoIP™ customers would benefit from the consistency of evolving CNAM content, as most major networks would dip the database selected by VoIP™, while significantly reducing errors and improving end user experience. VoIP™ would be associated with authorizing, updating, translating, and delivering information to the CNAM database.

"We evaluated a number of global SS7 vendors and their solutions, and we made the choice on the most reliable CNAM proposition in the industry", said Tina White, Senior Director of VoIP™'s marketing group.

"Most service providers understand the long-term benefits of a trusted and reliable SS7-network but until now, the LOA or permission from various carriers has been a barrier," said John Bowman, manager of VoIP™'s network operations. "By providing everything our customers need-from DIDs, CNAM storage, e911, 711, 411, inbound CNAM and enhanced termination-out of the box, we bring immediate benefits and highly-measurable end user satisfaction and retention while reducing trouble tickets."

About VoIP Corporation

VoIP™ is a world-class communications company, owns and operates one of the largest IP networks in the world, extending service access to more than 190 countries worldwide. VoIP™ offers customers with a complete suite of innovative voice, fax and video IP services including global peering, aggressive global and national TN origination, enhanced International and domestic termination, toll free trunking, SMS, CNAM, VoIP 711, VoIP 411 and VoIP 911. Our customers can leverage from VoIP™'s coverage footprint and service reliability. VoIP™ has been a leading innovator of Voice over IP products and services since the inception of the VoIP industry. Today, VoIP™ is one of only seven Tier 1 IP voice carriers in the US and Canada.