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FOR RELEASE August 18, 2009

VoIP™ Launches T38 fax services

Orlando, FL, August 18th, 2009 - VoIP™ today announced the launch of T38 based fax services in its portfolio. T38 protocol, describes the evolution of fax service in the IP/voice/fax synergy. VoIP T38 is designed to help enterprises, carriers, outsourced contact firms, in-house contact centers, and service providers successfully incorporate fax applications into their organizations. VoIP™ customers will benefit from channel support, leading customer service while obtaining a meaningful approach and positive end user feedback while improving their communications and service levels with customers.

"VoIP T38 has created a vital channel for companies to engage with customers, by creating a base platform. We've designed this service to meet the standards in the high demanding fax protocol and testing requirements which will help companies get the most out of T38."

"Using T38 protocol to support fax services, companies can increase and monitor their customer satisfaction; they can also proactively participate in the brand perceptions and ultimately proportionally adding value add services and satisfaction levels in the market," said John Burgos, VP of Marketing at VoIP™.

Engineering support at VoIP™ detail the requirements and testing measures during interoperability testing, thereby covering the best practices for responding effectively, with protocols and debugging that accurately reflect the policies and RFC guidelines.

VoIP™ has been a leading innovator of Voice over IP fax services, incorporating the power of its participating carriers to provide high quality T38 fax services.

About VoIP Corporation

VoIP™ is a world-class communications company, owns and operates one of the largest IP networks in the world, extending service access to more than 190 countries worldwide. VoIP™ offers customers with a complete suite of innovative voice, fax and video IP services including global peering, aggressive global and national TN origination, enhanced International and domestic termination, toll free trunking, SMS, CNAM, VoIP 711, VoIP 411 and VoIP 911. Our customers can leverage from VoIP™'s coverage footprint and service reliability. VoIP™ has been a leading innovator of Voice over IP products and services since the inception of the VoIP industry. Today, VoIP™ is one of only seven Tier 1 IP voice carriers in the US and Canada.